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About Andaman

Andaman is a group of 572 islands that restfully nestle in Bay of Bengal. The islands witnesses tropical climate, and the months of May to mid September, and November to mid December are marked by heavy rains. The rains and storms also make visit to Andaman during the late summers. The forests are replete with 3,000 species comprising of palms, mangroves, timbers, mahogany, etc. There are 96 sanctuaries and 9 national parks in the islands. The natives of the islands are the many ingenious such as Sentinelese, Andamanese, Onge, Jarawa, Shompen, and Nicobarese, etc. These tribal people either wear no clothes or prefer only to cover their bodies below waist. The Orges is the only tribe that has adopted the clothing style of the mainland. Andaman is brimming with vast expanse of forest that stashes huge amount of timber. The Oil And Natural Gas Commission is also striving hard to explore oil and gas here. One of the most important food crops cultivated in the island are paddy, and the various fruits grown here are pineapple, orange, mango, banana, sapota, etc.

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